Friday, June 18, 2010

April.....May.....NOW IT'S JUNE???!!!!

WOW!! Where has the last month gone!! We hope and pray that this update is finding all of you beginning to enjoy the early days of summer and the goodness of God. So much has happened since our last update, who knew that God would have done so much in the lives of us and those around us. There were several times that I went to update this blog, and the information just kept changing! So I’m jumping in now to let you know all that’s been going on, and then we will keep up with it as the countdown of our weeks till departure continues. First let me tell you that in our last update we shared with you about our matching gift donor. Well God used this information and moved in several hearts and the gift of 200.00 a month was matched! That is a total of 400.00 a month! On top of that we hit 191 prayer partners! That people is standing shoulder to shoulder for the kingdom of God! It doesn’t stop there, through this matching gift, the generosity of a new church and an overwhelming gift from a donor we are now at………………drum role please…………..75%!!!!!! Emotion wells up even as I type that! How amazing and faithful is our Lord! That last 25% breaks down to 28 people giving 50.00 a month. So much is starting to happen we feel as though we can literally see Gods hand placing all of the pieces of the puzzle together. The second cool development is the possibility of a house to rent in NZ. There are still details to be worked out, however there is a lot of promise in this house and the more we learn about the house itself, the landlords and even cost the more we feel that this just may be the place for our family. There is a laps between the current renters vacating and when we can arrive and funds are possibly needed to bridge that gap, so could you join us in praying that if this is where God would have our family live that all the details would be taken care of. We are also in the middle of a mountain of paper work for all 4 of our visas, that has been a bit daunting but we keep plugging away. The past month has also taken us to a few new churches, our family has enjoyed meeting congregations and pastors from VT and NY, it has been a joy to intersect our lives with theirs.
The end of April also brought some tough news that forced us to step out of our current day to day realities and focus our attention elsewhere for a bit. On April 21st (soon after our last update) our dear and precious friend of many years Eric Fox, stepped into the very presence of Jesus after a long hard fight with ALS. Last fall Eric asked Rob to lead his services for him, we decided to go with our boys so we took a week long trip to MI, to be with Eric’s wife and two children and celebrate his life. It was a beautiful week spent with many precious friends and al-though there is so much sorrow in the loss of Eric, he loved Jesus with his whole life and we know that he is made new and worships our Father face to face!
So, how are the Reynolds……….we are very well, we feel like our heads are spinning at times but then we stop and anchor ourselves and look to God for stability. Everything feels like an “A” priority right now, we must continue building up our team, we need to accomplish all the work for the visas, Rob has to work full time for our families needs and then we have to purge/move/pack everything for our actual move. Although there is so much work ahead of us, there is so much Joy being at this point in our journey. There are times that I add up the days and hours left against what all has to be done, and say “there is no way”! But when the mountain is that big that is when you have no choice but to look to God and know that He is bigger then all of it!
I feel like there is so much more to share, but I guess this is a start  Thank you for checking in on us and all that you do to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Now that we are down to weeks before we go we will be combining some of our communication lists into one and doing weekly updates, so stay tuned!
Loving the journey and those God has chosen to “come along”,
Rob, DaNae, Caleb and Aedan