Saturday, February 6, 2010



WE HAVE A DATE!!  I still pinch myself that we have a date to go to New Zealand!  We mentioned this chart in our last newsletter.(just click on the chart to enlarge the image)  DaNae and I have six months before we leave for New Zealand - in that time, we are doing all we can to hit our support target so we can serve our full term with cession|community.  We firmly believe that God will use us as a 2 year bridge to jump start their community ministry and enable them to fund it once we move on.

Even though I haven't been in banking for years, I still like to play with numbers.  This chart is a result of me trying to answer what we need for support to stay an additional month.  Right now, we are funded for 8 months.  When we have another $250 in monthly support, we will be able to stay nine months.  After that, we only need an additional $195 in monthly support to stay ten months.  The beauty of compounding keeps dropping the number until we only need an additional $33 in monthly support to be in New Zealand full term.

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?  We are so excited to hear that people are praying through what God is doing in New Zealand and asking if God would allow them to partner with us.  It's awesome to see how God is drawing this team together to invest in the church on the other side of the globe!

So, if you aren't receiving our newsletter, please let us know and we'll add you to the email list, ok? 

Until next time,

Rob and the fam