Friday, February 13, 2009

Kiwi's Warm and Humid while Ground Hog sees shadow in the USA.....

Yup, more winter to face!!! All while I read updates of some Kiwi friends complaining of humidity. It will be bizarre for our family to reverse the seasons once we are there. Actually NE seems to be in a Feb thaw while I type this, but this can't be trusted to stay! Thank you for checking in with us again and thank you for the many personal emails in response to our last posting. As always you are welcome to post any thoughts and hello's here on this site as well. It is always so encouraging to hear from you. It has been a good and busy month since my last post. Personally I am enjoying the schedule and activity, it feels as though we are thrusting forward. Not only are we busy with New Zealand work but there has been a few instances that God just really seems to be working on and preparing our hearts.
As mentioned in the last post Rob and I had a weekend in Vermont where we were able to connect with the District Superintendent. It was a treat and a blessing to meet Paul and his wife and well worth the trip. He has great vision for the North East and it was contagious. He was encouraging to us, and will be a great contact for us. The other blessing of that weekend was the little church Paul was speaking at. They welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like family. We connected with many families, some of which are already praying for us and we are in discussion of returning to them to speak. So thank you for your prayers over that meeting. In the last few weeks Rob has met with a local pastor, and we have an invitation to another church in NY in early April. We continue to have individuals show interest and we have a big night on Feb 22nd when my parents will be hosting a dessert for us, where we will be sharing our ministry with up to 9 couples. So a lot of cool stuff keeping us on our toes!
Our "warm" kiwi friends, are doing well. Rob has been able to connect with the Senior Pastor Brett over ovoo (free video/voice/chat). We have also received great reports from the Ignite weekend that was mentioned in the last update. I will try to post some personal testimonies soon to give us a glimpse of Gods hand at work. We (along with them) are anxious to get us over there with them.
Personally, our family is doing well. Rob and I have had some time this past month to recharge our batteries (very needed) and we had the opportunity to spend a weekend at my brothers and understand his new ministry at Monadnock Bible Conference, that was a great weekend. Make sure you check out our prayer list on the side. The biggie facing us right now is work for Rob. He has been a self employed contractor during our team building, and these are really tough months for finding work. Right now it has dried up and we are praying for a turn around. We have updated other links on the side bar as well so be sure to check those out too. Thank you again for checking in with us we love you all.