Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back on Line in 2009!

Happy New Year to all of you! May you see and experience Gods Grace and Peace in this new year.
Much has taken our attention in the last few months which accounts for such a delay on these postings. Rob and I have been trying to figure out the best way to communicate to all of you as our list of connections begins to grow. Our focus in Nov. was getting out our 1st newsletter which most of you should have received. If you did not receive that news letter and would like to be on that mailing list just drop me an email at Then it was taking a deep breath and running into the Holidays head first. We hope and pray that your holidays were blessed and a time to reflect on all that God has done in the past year. So many of your faces and names crossed our thoughts over the last few months. Our holidays were great, very fast but great. Things were a bit zany prior to Christmas week, but Christmas week was full of family time and connecting with many great friends. Rob was able to have some time off with us and we made the most of it. Earlier in Dec a few events took our focus for a bit. First of all, we totaled our vehicle. Everyone was 100% ok, but after hitting black ice on a highway we spun around and hit the guardrail in the medium. God totally protected us and others around us and good friends and kind officers got us through the night. We had just sold our minivan so this was the only vehicle we had, but we had good insurance and since then have been able to replace it with a great vehicle that will suit our needs while still in the states and be a good match for Robs mom who it will go to when we depart. The second event was the loss of Robs uncle. It has been many years since Rob has connected with him, but he has many fond memories of him, the situation is very tragic and our concern lies with family members left behind. We are on the other side of these events and we are doing very well, but they did take our attention as we went through Dec. But again our holidays were blessed and we are ready to face a new year.

New Zealand of course is ever present on our hearts, our minds and in our daily work and efforts. There has been some exciting movement as of late. The church that I mentioned in my last post that we were invited to their missions conference has decided to take us on! We are so thrilled to connect with this local congregation and introduce them to New Zealand. We have also had meetings with the church we attend and some exciting conversations that will continue this month. Another church is in the works to speak at in the near future and we have had a few more individuals come on board and have had others express a desire to join our team. There has been so many ways even in just the last few weeks that God has totally surprised me, which reminds me HE is control of all of this, and we just need to be faithful! Another very cool connection that has come our way is contact with the District Superintendent of the Wesleyan church for NY and the northeast (that is a mouthful) He is speaking in VT this month and has invited us to come see him and then do dinner with him and his wife. This will be a good opportunity to build relationship with him and learn more about his district and other churches in the NE.

Our dear friends on the other side of the globe at cession|community are on the move as well. In our last post we listed on the prayer list for the renewing of the lease for cession|community in the community center the currently use, they were able to secure that lease for another 3 years, which allows them for planning of expanding their second service and community outreach! Praise God, this was a long haul, so truly answered prayer! Cession also did their Christmas outreach "Christmas town" where they literally turn their facility into a Christmas town with fun, activities and outreach to their local community. Currently as I type this they have a youth camp happening as well called Ignite. This is an exciting weekend were some of the churches band together, get off campus and minister to the local youth. God has used this weekend in big ways in the last few years and we have no doubt will move again this weekend. Very exciting stuff!

Well, now that you have read my book to catch up with us I will let you get on with your day :-) Thank you for taking the time to check in, we are piecing together our communication lists and routine and diving in to be more regular at that. Make sure you check out the prayer list on the side bar as well.

Over christmas week I was struck with the phrase from the hymn "O Holy Night", that says "the weary world rejoices", actually our church used that as the theme for Christmas eve. Our world, our days, even the events of our personal lives can become "weary", but let me encourage you to "rejoice" in Him who was and is and will forever be above all!!!! We are so blessed and so greatful to all of you who have decided to join us in this journey God has us on.