Friday, October 23, 2009

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This week happenings..............
Hi friends,

A lot’s going on this week regarding New Zealand and team building. We have two desserts this weekend. What are desserts, you might be asking? DaNae and I team up with someone to host an evening where we share our call and ministry vision for New Zealand. We provide the presentation and dessert (normally a yummy pavlova) and the host opens their home. We love them because it provides a very personal environment to share the journey God has us on and potentially connect with interested people. We’re looking forward to the chance to share with folks this weekend – one is Saturday on the Seacoast and the other is Sunday here in the Gilford area. If this is something you would like to consider hostong, let us know!
As you pray through the week, we’d love you to keep us in mind. In addition to our drive to get to New Zealand in February (if this is new info – read our note posted last week on Facebook and our webpage –, we have several things in process:

• The dessert connections we mentioned above.

• Several churches are considering supporting us. I’ll be speaking at one in Michigan in November. Pray that our story and call would resonate with their vision for mission as they make their decision.

• November is a key month for us – it is our 2 year anniversary with Global Partners. We have an evaluation appointment that will take place sometime during the month in which we look together to see what God is doing. We’re praying that God will do cool things between now and then.

• On a personal note, we’re coming into the slow season for building and remodeling – our vocation while we build our team. Please pray that God would keep work coming in.

Thanks for your interest in our call to build into the local church in New Zealand. As you go through your week, maybe think about how you can be a resource and build into the ministry of your home church.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Cool New Development from cession!

When DaNae and I said yes to New Zealand and what God was doing in our lives, we never expected the ride we’ve had. We expected to see God at work but, as we see how that expectation becomes reality, it blows us away. God is so good – He’s continued to meet needs, offer encouragement at just the right moment, and open doors for us. Let me share a few with you:

• Work has been a bit slow on the construction side of things for me (while we’re here in the states, I swing a hammer to pay the bills). Two weeks ago, work dried up with the folks I work with and we didn’t know what we’d do. We prayed about it and waited to see what God would do. Within 24 hours, a neighbor came over who needed work done and work started to trickle in. It’s still slow but God’s meeting the needs we have.

• Life’s full of ups and downs and that’s no different when you’re building a team of support for overseas missions. We had been feeling a bit weary over the last week as we built our team. On Sunday, we were invited to English Tea by a person who had a friend and I work on their house. One of the other guests there was a friend we hadn’t seen in over 2 years. God used her to speak words of encouragement and energy into us – it was like a spiritual Red Bull and she didn’t even know it.

• In this last month, we’ve connected with a number of friends who want to be part of our team. It’s been awesome to hear what God has been doing in their lives as we reconnect and share with each other. We also have an opportunity to speak at a church in Michigan that is interested in supporting us.

These are just snippets of the ways God has been present in this journey. There’s another awesome development that’s just recently come about, too. Brett Jones, the pastor at cession|community (church) called us to share the results of their strategic planning meeting for next year. As we may have shared with you, cession has two of its key leaders moving on to new ventures in February – one is planting a church and the other is finishing his education. This leaves a significant leadership gap for the church as they look to next year and their vision for ministry. The team decided the best answer to this need was to get us to NZ. If we can be there by the start of their ministry year in February, they’ve committed to underwrite our accommodations (about 20% of our ministry budget). Unfortunately, if we can’t make that happen, they need to divert those funds elsewhere.

Needless to say, we think this is incredible and hope to see God move in a big way to make it happen. I share this with you because, now, of all times, is a time where you’re help can really make an exponential difference. I know we’ve approached some of you to be part of our team to get to NZ. Whether this is your first time hearing our appeal or you’ve been aware from day 1, we ask that you consider being part of our team. Pray that we can see God move in an amazing way over these next few months. Our greatest need is in our monthly support – this is the budget that will provide for ongoing needs once we are in NZ. I was looking at our Facebook page today – we have 284 fans (I’m feeling popular right now – weird feeling…). I know this is way out there but if each fan became part of our team and could support us with $11/month faith promise, we’d be buying tickets and making plans to head to NZ. I know it’s crazy but that’s all it would take for God to pull a team together to invest in the church in NZ. If you are interested, you can go to and sign up online or contact us (especially if you have questions).

Thanks for sharing in this journey with us.