Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring has sprung and much to do on the Reynolds plate!!

Hello everyone! I am embarrassed at how over due this is, however when I finish this update I think you will understand why! It has been a VERY busy spring for our little family!! I love this time of year and the "newness" of everything along with the anticipation of summer. So much has been going on I'm not even sure where to start! Let me begin by commenting on a few things from my last post. I left you with news that we were hosting a dessert at my parents house on March 8th. That was a great night of fellowship and opportunity to share our story and ministry with some great couples. My mom, has practiced, and may I say nearly perfected the art of Pavlova!! I hope to share pictures, I think you may be impressed. It was a fun night and our team has grown because of it. It went so well we just hosted another one on May 8th, which was a blessing as well. I mentioned that we were also meeting with a mission board that month to share cession|community's vision with them. That was a good meeting and they asked us to to speak in April at their missions breakfast and service. Finally we asked you to pray about work for Rob through the rest of winter, and God answered that prayer, work has continued to stay steady for Rob!

Now onto the "new" stuff! As I just mentioned We had the opportunity to speak at a local church in April. We were able to give an update during the breakfast time they had along with doing the sermon during the worship service. It was a great weekend and time to really connect with the people of this church. The very next weekend in April we had the pleasure of traveling to Queensbury NY and speaking at a Wesleyan church for their worship service as well. That was a fantastic weekend, of travel, meeting some wonderful people who truly blessed us! God used this church to encourage us in so many ways! We also had a fun opportunity to connect with another local church by going roller skating with them and others in their community and during the night, Rob shared during a devotional time. This church is still praying through several decisions they need to make and we have enjoyed getting to understand them a little better. Through the desserts I mentioned, these church visits and other follow up opportunities, God has grown our team through both financial support and prayer support. Just Awesome!! The dessert plan seems to be a great way to connect with smaller groups and we are looking forward to hosting another one in June, and then looking for a few homes to host at least 3 more for us in other areas of our state. We have a few other churches we are following up with and we have put a game plan in place to begin connecting with other Churches in the North East. We are asking God to fill up our calendar with church connections.

Personally speaking we have had a lot going on as well. For 6 years Rob has been working towards his Masters at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN. After a lot of sacrifice and A LOT of work Rob is looking at the end of the tunnel! This final semester has been quite intense, however he is almost there and he graduates on May 30th! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be at his graduation and we head out on a much needed road trip May 21st. We will make some stops in MI to connect with good friends, supporters and church as we make our way to St. Paul. And finally (on the personal side) we wanted to share that God moved in our young son's heart, and in April Caleb said he wanted to be baptized! So on May 3rd (the day before his 11th birthday) with friends and family gathered at our church Rob baptized our precious son! It was a great day!

I have talked so much about us, I need to update you on the dear people and church that are at the heart of all this. Cession|community had had a good season as well.
The Easter season was such a great opportunity for cession to reach out and involve their community! A few years back they started doing an Easter Egg hunt for the community. God has blessed this and this year they saw the largest numbers they have seen. 340 people came and the count was higher on the adults then in years past! This is an opportunity to not only have fun and love on their community but also to be able to follow up with many families that filled out connect cards. Easter weekend not only brought them the opportunity to hold more services but also the Stations of the Cross, which is an art exhibit they open to the community using artists of the community that walk you through the passion story. All very exciting outreaches, and so cool to see how God is working through them. Brett and Kristen await the arrival of their third child due a few days ago, so please pray for them as they are very ready for the event to take place.

Well my dear friends, that is my book for the season of spring! Thank you for hanging in there with us, I will up date from the road next week. Pray for us and celebrate with us as we mark this huge accomplishment in Robs life. Thank you for all of your prayers and the so many ways you support us. Drop us a note we would love to hear from you.

******I guess I should have done this post sooner! after writing this post we found out that Brett and Kristen had a beautiful baby girl this morning!! Yay God!!