Sunday, June 29, 2008

Amazing Technology

It is 10:00pm our time and we just hung up the phone with Brett Jones and his wife Kristen, the Pastor of the church we are preparing to serve. (the picture on the left is Brett baptizing a couple)We are sitting here in our little living room, with Robs cell phone on speaker phone, talking with Brett on the other side of the world (and a day ahead of us) and the whole thing coast maybe 5 bucks!! That is amazing to me. Several times in the last few months we have "met" with Jeff Fusner (I even met his wife Beth) by using skype on our computers with web cams and we saw each other while we talked. Jeff is the Area Director for Global Partners in New Zealand. Just amazing, God is really showing me just how small our world can be now, or at least how connected. That helps as I anticipate tearful good byes to friends and family. Our talk with Brett tonight was a good boost for us, just hearing their voices reminds us there are real people with real ministry needs behind all of this. Our conversation encourages us to keep moving forward. Our conversations help Rob and I to know how to pray for Brett and Kristen and their congregation specifically. Take a look at our prayer list on the side of the blog and for the link to the church as well.
Our little family is doing well. We are in the throws of team building and although its tons of work I love every minute of it. We have been blown away and truly blessed by how so many of you have responded to what God is doing in our lives and in New Zealand. Rob and I were also blessed beyond measure last week when team members gave us their beach house for a week. It was truly amazing! God knew exactly what we needed and when we would need it. Rob's current job was right around the corner from it, so no commuting (right now he commutes over an hour each way), I was able to accomplish a lot because my boys were constantly entertained with the sand and ocean, and my spirit was renewed and revived by His mighty creation of the ocean. Now we are preparing for a nearly 3 week trip. We Leave for the mid west July 5th for team building, connecting with precious friends, and seminary. I recently sent out over 50 letters to local churches in West MI and we will be meeting many of these pastors at a conference in MI while we are there. That is something you could pray for as their eyes and hearts receive these letters. So, thats a quick up date on us, we are enjoying the early summer in the midst of all this and the biggest news of all......most of you know that I am a breast cancer survivor, I had test done last week including a mammogram, and the news continues to be awesome, and all clear. God just keeps affirming that He has healed this body. Check out our prayer list and we also added "our story" on the links to catch you up with why and how we landed on New Zealand. Grace and Peace to you all. PS also check out the "comments" on my entry before this one. Pastor Brett updated some info for us.