Saturday, March 22, 2008

No, not sealed up in a box somewhere......................

You may be wondering....did she go nuts during the move? Did they get lost along the way? did they change their minds?.....No, we are here, we are moved and we are very very well!! I'm sorry that it has taken me this long to write to you all again! This Sunday (Easter Sunday) marks 3 weeks since we moved in with my Parents. wow, I can't believe how fast time goes. It was a very intense final weekend at the house. Our plans were thwarted by a snow storm on that Sat, so we had to move the "move" to Sunday. Even after all the selling of stuff, giving away of stuff, throwing stuff out, we still seemed to have so much "stuff"! I realized the toughest move, is the one that you must down size for. I don't know where we would have been that weekend without two families that are so very very dear to us, they were God sends. So with much sweat and hard work and more trips back and forth to Gilford then I care to count we finally got out of the house and left it in better condition then we found it in. The adjustment has gone so smooth. Smoother then I expected, there was that little part of me that asked "OK when is the honeymoon over", but I just really think this is where we are supposed to be and God is protecting it. Some how we have managed to fit our "life" into 2 bedrooms, a bath and this sweet little closet office (which used to be my moms but she gave up for us for schooling and fundraising). It is comfortable, and we seem to be settling in. The kids have responded amazingly. There were tears when we left the house (reality is we love the seacoast) matter of a fact it was our 3 year old that threw me off, he stood on the porch crying "I don't want to leave my house, I don't want to leave my house", I had assumed he wouldn't really get it and it would be fine, shame on me. Aedan loves being here at Grammy and papa's but I still get the questions every once in a while "are we going back to my house now", hard to help their little hearts understand. In some ways we have had more quality time with things we are involved in and our friends since we left, we have to use our time well when we are down there, and its been more focused time. So we have taken a deep breath, settled in, Rob made up for all of his lost times in his studies for seminary and finished a semester, found our rhythm a bit and now are getting ready to execute the next phase in our team building. I feel God is right there, just carrying us (as always) sometimes I feel that pit of dread, but then I hear His soft whisper and he says "its ok, I got this one....." and He does, He's got it, I don't need to take it from Him. As we go into this Easter weekend, I have desired to just stop, stop and reflect on all God is, has done, will do.........its mind boggling. I almost have to stop and remind myself "He loves me that much....". This week, one year ago, marks the end of my Radiation treatments (7 weeks, everyday), one year ago we found this precious church that we are now involved in that God used for emotional healing, and one year ago we really began to ask the question...."could there be something to this whole NZ thing?". WoW, what a mighty God we serve. I hope you know that God this Easter, that you have experienced Him so closely that it takes your Breath away.

Thank you for checking in and for your prayers through this little transition. Pray for our work and preparation to get us to NZ, pray that Rob will find a job that will fit our needs yet allow freedom for team building, Pray for cession|community as they are offering a variety of Easter services to their community and stations of the cross in NZ. Have a blessed Easter as we Celebrate all that the risen savior has done for us!!