Monday, February 25, 2008

One Week In counting............................

We are so thankful to our family and friends (both old and new) for all your support and prayers. Our hearts have been lifted by all the comments from our new Friends in New Zealand (thank you) and we have enjoyed reading some of your blogs as well. What a cool thing that we can begin connecting in this way. I am sitting here, the last night that I will be sitting on my living room furniture. We sold it (along with just about everything else we have) and they are coming to get it monday night. I have felt like a furniture store out of my house the last few days. It actually has been really good for me to have it go, it gives me hope that all our "stuff" really is going to get out of here, and it gives me room to "stage" the other stuff. It has been intense and we are getting a bit weary, but God gives us enough strength for each day. The boys have been so patient, I feel I am ignoring them a bit, but they have been troupers. It has been a little strange to me that we are actually leaving this house in just a few days! this has been a good home to us with good land lords, I think more so its leaving the seacoast that is getting to me, and going through yet another transition. The fact that we are going to keep some of our "life" down here and knowing we will be this way at least once a week, does help though. There is a bit of that feeling that we are closing a chapter here, the chapter of the last 3 1/2 years of our life. I am more then ready to close that chapter and I am already in awe at the outline God has laid out for the next chapter. Where we are heading to is such a blessing as well. I feel like by doing this move to my parents, is like a stepping stone, both to transition us out of NH but also to prepare our hearts to be in New Zealand. A word on my parents, last weekend at church they did an original drama in which actors shared true stories that had happened through individuals at the church. The focus was on what does a true "church" look like, how does it serve, love, help etc. One of the stories was talking about how a young couple was really trying to follow what God was telling them to do so they both went into grad school. An older couple from the church said "we have plenty of room, come and share our home and live with us", the actor went on to share how blessed this young couple was, to be in a place where they felt loved and accepted, and "home". Where they didn't have to worry about rent or how they would stay warm..........I left that service thinking "that is what my parents are doing for us". We are so blessed. (the picture above is my mom (or mum in NZ) and our 3 yr old Aedan) So pray for us in these final days of the move, that we would get the help we need, that there would be enough hours in a day, that we would make wise decisions in what we keep and not keep. Praise God for my parents, and for this next Chapter that our faithful father is orchestrating!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

welcome new friends!!!

We know we have new friends visiting this site, and we wanted to say welcome, we are so thrilled you are coming along with us in our Journey. There may be "newbies" on two fronts, first, I closed out my carepage from my cancer journey and have invited all of you to come over to this blog instead. To those of you are new to the Reynolds and would like a better understanding of our last few years you are welcome to read my story at and once you register your email and sign in, then search for a page called onthemat. The second group that is new here are our new friends in New Zealand. We sent a short video introducing ourselves and the pastor showed it in their service this weekend. Thank you for taking the time to visit us here, and the kind comments already sent our way. Rob and I were able to be with Pastor Brett (NZ) and his family for a day in early January, between that and starting to hear from people at cession|community (the church we will be serving) Rob and I have started to feel that this is very real. It has especially helped the boys and I (DaNae) to get a grasp on this because only Rob has been to NZ. Our excitement has continued to build and God continues to confirm the decisions we have made. So thank you "new friends" and know that we are praying for you as well.

Things have been a bit of a whirl wind, and I know will only get windier in the next two weeks. It is a bit overwhelming to close out a whole house, and doing it in light of knowing your heading over seas. But I am seeing progress, and that has been encouraging. Just this weekend, people started lining up to help, and God knew I needed that, so we have friends and family spread out over the next few weeks, to come help a day here and there. We are very touched by all the support we have, especially my parents willingness to alter a bit of their lifestyle and take in our little family. we are blessed. I am so eager to really dive in deep to team building and all that needs to be done to get us over to NZ, so I am ready to get this move done so we will be free to do that. The boys seem to be taking it all in stride, I think they are excited about moving in with grammy and papa. Aedan (3 yr old) thinks every time I make a comment like, "ok I'm going to go pack a box", that we are leaving right now and will start to grab things and get his coat and say "ok I'm ready to go to gamma and papa". His spirit is contagious! So that is whats happening in our little part of the world! We love hearing from you, and knowing your praying for us carries us. Visit us often.........until next time.........

Things to pray for:

I'll state the obvious........THE MOVE!!!!!!

Rob needs to find a job that hopefully is near my parents, is flexible and has health insurance

The list from the Feb 3 entry still stands the same as well

Monday, February 4, 2008

Off and Running

Hello dear family and friends, sorry its been a bit since I updated. I mentioned we were facing a lot when we returned home, and I wasn't kidding!! Our trip back from IN/MI went great and we took some much needed down time to just play with the boys on the way back. We came back to a full work schedule for Rob, still trying to sift through next steps in our team building process plus a few other biggies. One of which was I was facing an MRI when we returned. Most of you visiting this site know that I had a fight against breast cancer over the past few years(a fight my healing Father won for me) the MRI is part of my continued care, we got the results much sooner then expected and it was all clear, Praise the Lord!!! The other biggie is that our little family is facing a move in the next few weeks (yeah I know, we just had to make it a little more interesting didn't we). We have been praying and working through these next steps for several months, and were lead to decide to move in with my (DaNae's) parents. This will allow us to be in a better financial spot, be able to focus on raising our team to get us to NZ and free rob up to find a job that would give us more balance and allow him to help focus on the team building as well. Some of you may be cringing when you think of moving back in with parents, but Rob and I are very much at peace, we know that if there was any one we had to live well with it would be them. They are being so supportive there aren't words to express! We are really starting to look forward to this transition. I'll admit I wasn't expecting that we would have to do this, this soon so it is a lot of work and transition in a short time, but we are taking it one day at a time and I just keep laying it before the Lord. So thats a nut shell for now.....ways to pray?.....

Pray for:

strength, clarity and time for the move (we are trying to be out by march 1st)

wisdom and balance in our next steps and all the work that goes with team building

cession|community - this is the church we will be serving in NZ (to learn more about them visit

Rob left for a week at seminary in St Paul MN today, so pray for him at school and the boys and I as we are here without him and dealing with the move.

Blessings to all, and Rob and I will update again soon................