Monday, January 21, 2008

On The Road Again

......I can't just wait to get on the road again...............Oh sorry thats a song, but these past two weeks its also my life :-) What a week! Its hard to believe it is time to go home, yet we are starting to feel like we have been gone forever. Thank you for your prayers, God of course continued to go before us and we feel our week was very balanced and God opened some really wonderful Doors for us, He is so faithful, and we are so encouraged and affirmed in the decisions we have made for our little family. I am learning patience and to let go of "my way" and let God show us a way. I'm a "results" sort of person, and we have seen results but I am also being shown that building up a team around us is laying a lot of ground work as well. And there was a ton of ground work laid this week, and its been a tremendous blessing. We were able to be with 4 churches, each with its own wisdom and encouragement for us, many families, a small group and countless individuals. Our hearts are very full from connecting with so many people that we love so very dearly. Half way through the week I got a bit of a surprise and came down with the Flu, this was a discouraging few days, but God spared me form any long term flu, and has spared my family and anyone else I came in contact with from getting it. Truly praise! I should have written so you could pray, but I didn't even have energy for that. But even with that, this week was exactly what it needed to be. So now the last of the suitcases sit by the door as we get ready to depart tomorrow morning. We know we will need to come back to our "home away from home" in the next few months so that makes parting easier. Rob and I will take two days heading back, that will keep us rested and also give us some "just our little family" time, which we are very much looking forward too. The thing with a trip like this is that you are always with other people 24/7, and although we wouldn't have it any other way, this will be a good thing for us too. So pray for our safty these next two days, pray for our transition back home as we have been gone for so long and face much work on return, and finally pray for Rob and I as we really begin to debreif all that has taken place in the last few weeks between all we learned at training, and all we have experienced this week. I will write again once we are home. Thanks for checking in.....Blessings.......

Monday, January 14, 2008

So here is the "crew" that we spent last week with, that I wrote about in the last update. A very special group of missionaries and staff. Rob and I are settled into our second home on this trip. After leaving Shunem house on sat, had the great opportunity to see friends in IN that lived on the other side of the city. After a good shot in the arm from them we headed up to GR in MI. the 5 hours felt very long!! But we got in just fine last night. The family we are staying with had a little surprise for the boys, and set up a tent in their downstairs for our boys to sleep in. They LOVE it!!! Our hearts are very full from being at Kentwood Community Church this morning, it truly feels like coming home. So many wonderful people we began to reconnect with. We decided to just "stop" for our little family today. It is what we needed, no agenda, just relax and chill a bit. I think this sets us up well for the week, gets the boys a little more grounded and Rob a chance to catch up on school a bit. My heart is already so full just from the folks we have been able to be with today. We are anticipating a great week. So as we dive in would you pray for our schedule this week. That God will put in our path exactly who needs to be in our path. Its a bit daunting when we see all the work that needs to be done, and could be done, but in reality we only have a week. We could feel "ahhhhhh, where do we start", yet we want to be balanced in some time for us for planning, and balance that with time with friends that feed into our hearts. I do believe God will go before us this week, but that is how you can pray for us today and tomorrow. Thanks for checking in with us!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

End of MTI

Hi everyone, sorry I didn't get a chance to type last night, it was a full full day and evening. If you could see this picture up close you would see red eyes and drippy noses! (sorry I tried to attach it but it wont take, I'll try again later) This was taken right after communion and worship. What a beautiful time, as we heard from Gods word, we were lead by great leaders in communion and then a time of worship and prayer over each family and the country they were going to serve at. Then began an evening of goodbyes and exchanging information. What an amazing thing it was to be living in the same house with a group of people that were like minded.......mission has been humbling. As Pastor Jim said, we may never be in this exact group setting again, but we are etched in each others hearts and minds. We entered a full and great final day. We had sessions on resolving team conflict and then an afternoon full of cross cultural training, dealing with cultural shock, many more tools. We had much laughter and many stories shared. Rob and I feel very close to a couple that we met back at orientation and where here again this week. Tammy and Brian and their Baby Emma. We spent the full evening with them. They are heading to Swaziland in May. Tom and Karen are heading to Sierra Leone, Carrissa and Eric are heading to a place we can't speak of :-), Barry and Beth are heading to Haiti, and then Brent coming with us to NZ.
If you could pray for these people at least one time in the near future, it would mean a lot to us. We have had a relaxing moring enjoying fellowship with the family that runs this blessed house, and now are heading out. I will continue to update as we do week two of our travels. Please pray for safty in travel (about 5 hours) and that this would be an amazing week of fund raising and Rob and I laying out our plan. Thank you and blessings.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 4 of MTI

We are coming into the home stretch, which in some ways it feels like we have been staying here so much longer and in other ways is so hard to believe its almost done. Today has probably been the highlight of the week for us. We started off the morning with Tim from GP staff, he is a great communicator. We had lively discussion of what does "Kingdom" mean, and were truly encouraged and reminded that God reigns, that means he REIGNS over every thing, every area of our life, every event, everything!!! It was a great morning. The rest of our day into the evening was spent with Dr. Jim Lo, a professor from Indiana Wesleyan University. Truly an anointed day with him. We covered everything from purity as we go into cultural situations, loneliness, to how to deal with culture shock and language barriers. He was fun, engaging, sobering and transparent. A day that we all needed for our missionary tool box. I started out the day a bit discouraged, we did some assessments this morning, I felt the test showed I was so low in all areas that I was the fool for even thinking of going over seas, again a tired moment. This of course was not the intent of the evaluation, but it was to help you understand some areas of growth, and also how you and your spouse can complement each other in a missions situation. it was a moment of vulnerability, (and tiredness) which was a good thing. Today was one of those days of just being so sensitively aware of God being at work, of the Global heart is stirred! Thank you for your prayers and reading our updates. The boys are well, they ended up staying here all day, which was a good thing, their Nanny had twins with her she takes care of and they all played and enjoyed the day here, they were still so tired from the zoo! So tomorrow will be the Bounce House!!! It will be hard to part ways with this "family", you can pray for that around 5ish tomorrow as the first half of us heads home (Rob and I will head back up to MI on Sat. morning) I know that we will forever be connected through this experience we have had together. Art O'dell is the pastor assigned to rob and i once we are on the field. He drove here from D.C. to meet us and be a part of this week, however he has fallen very ill and needed to return home, if you could pray for him that would be wonderful. Finally again, fresh ears and heart tomorrow for our final day. We have a full day of presenters and then we will end with a special time of prayer and communion, which will be from 4-5 if you would like to pray for that time. Please feel free to pass our blog address to anyone you feel would be interested in following our journey to NZ. Blessings

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 3 of MTI

"I had heard about you before but now, I have seen you with my own eyes" Job 42:5 This was the words Job said to his Lord after he had gone through an amazing transformation. That was what Rob and I shared this morning, the "transformation" the last two years has brought into out lives, and how God raised us above our circumstances when we never thought we could our selves. Through that transformation, God laid his next call on our lives to go to NZ. This verse we have claimed as our "theme" verse. What a blessing it was to share a small part of our testimony this morning. Thank you for your prayers, everyone did a wonderful job and Rob and I felt peace and confidence in ours. it was fun, and the prayer time that followed with the staff of the Wesleyan Headquarters and Global Partners staff was such a blessing!! Rob and I connected with many staff memebers we got to know from our last training in Nov, and we had a little down time to just "be" there at the offices. We are thrilled with our prayer cards, we did the final proofing of those today and those should be in our hands within about 2 weeks. After a great lunch with the staff we headed back to Shumen House for afternoon sessions. The first part of the day was final training for crisis situations. Granted our little family is going to a very safe country, but even though it was hard to put yourself in the shoes of the situations we were discussing, I also appreciate that they are "complete" in every area of thier training, and there were many gems we picked up that most people should be practicing especially with young kids. The rest of our afternoon was diving into cultural differences and barriers. I will have to say that I felt a bit.......driven today, I dare say on the edge of grumpy and needed to watch myself in the afternoon. The schedule has been very rigourous and I was working on little sleep. I think we are just on the mid week hump, and was just feeling the effects of that. We have had nothing but down time tonight, and already I feel like a very different person. I think along with a good night sleep I will be good to go. I can tell we are all getting more comfortable with eachother, and starting to "let our hair down" a bit. I will miss these people and the staff when the end of the week comes. One very cool thing going on this week, is that there is another young man Brent, who is being sent to the same church we are. He is very fun, and has such a passion for youth and young adult. What a blessing it has been to get to know eachother, and know that we are going to be serving at the same place. My boys love him and we are looking forward serving with him. The only thing I have against him is that he is going to beat us over there. He is due to leave in May. Our boys have not stopped talking since they arrived back at 5pm. They had a blast today at the zoo, Aedan told us word for word, step by step everything he saw today, and Calebs heart is very very full! Tomorrow they are off to an Indy favorite called the "bounce house" I think the name says it all, and if you know my boys at all, it will be right up their alley!! My only beef today is that our sitter took them to the new stadium being built for the Colts, and she tried to make them a colts fan, but faithful Caleb stayed tried and true..........go Pats!!! Ok, I need rest, thank you for checking in on us, pray for fresh eyes and ears tomorrow. That we would enter well rested, that relationships will continue to grow deep. Also I think there are a few with us that may be discouraged with fund raising, if you could pray for them that would be great. Aedan also seems to have the sniffles a bit and I was sick before we came, so I pray its not that. We love you all, thank you for checking in.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

day 2 of MTI

Hi everyone, sorry so late, this will be short because Rob and I have to be up and gone at some ungodly hour!!!! GP is cracking the whip again!!! We have had another very full and wonderful day. It is so awesome to be living in community with GP staff and fellow missionaries who are going all over the globe. We along with the boys are just drinking this all in. It is also so fun, to get out of a class and have our boys right there!! Very cool. Their nanny is a wonderful person and they have bonded!! To the point that when we say, ok its 5:00 that was our last class, I hear a chorus of "aaaawwwweeee". They are not happy to see it end! Tomorrow they are off to the Indy zoo, Caleb could hardly go to sleep tonight! For Rob and I our day was filled with study of biblical relevance in different cultures and then an afternoon filled with Emotional Inteligence, by the time we got out of there we were all making appointments with councelers :-) It has been a great day with great presenters. We also felt a little more rested today. You can pray for us tomorrow, we are all heading to Head Quarters for a quarterly chapel held there that we are all presenting at. Rob and I are the ones closing the chapel and then they will all be praying for us. We have 3 minutes to share our story (can you see me sharing any story in just three minutes).So if you could pray for us around 8:15 or 8:30am that would be awesome. This is a very cool opportunity for us. I will update again soon. sorry so short. I hope this finds you all well. We changed our settings so you should be able to leave comments if you would like without needing to sign in. We are doing great, besides the fact that it is pouring rain and 60 degrees in the middle of Jan. But we are well. Blessings, DaNae

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our New Blog

Hi all,

Welcome to our new site. For those of you wondering why we switched blog locations, we had several people that were not able to access the site and we didn't want to have a site where you as the reader had to log on just to read. We wanted to make sure that we were easy to find and read. We apologize that we have not updated since the last time we were in the middle of a training back in Nov. A lot has taken place since then, and Rob and I are committed to keeping everyone up to date. So for now we will keep this blog up and running with hopes of also adding a family web site to our cyberspace world. We hope that you will visit "the little big island" site often to see what God is doing in our lives. Ok, the name??? We apologize to our Kiwi friends, we hope its no offense, but leave it up to our 3 year old Aedan to influence our blog name. Not long ago we were explaining to Aedan our move to NZ, a few days later we were talking about it with him and I said "Aedan where do you live right now", he said "New Zealand" I said, "no honey we live in NH, we will live in NZ" to which he dramatically replied "no no mommy, we live on that little big island right now!!!!". So we thought we would run with it! Its catchy!! (and seems to be the only name available on
So now for our up date.........what in the world is going on with the Reynolds!!! I need to back up a few months to our last training in Nov. Many of you know that we were accepted to Global Partners to send us to NZ. We went to our orientation in Nov in Indiana for a full week. That was an amazing week, for Rob and I. God showed up in big way! We learned so much about ourselves, about Global missions, about fund raising and connected with wonderful people there at Global Partners offices. During that week we were also challenged by the staff and the churches in NZ to consider 2 years in NZ instead of a 1 year apt. This was HUGE!! I thought I had made all my tough decisions!!! But God wasn't done yet. So we came home with another process to go through. So after 3 weeks of prayer, talking, crying, more prayer God made it very clear that this indeed was his plan, 2 years!!!!! Our family has been so supportive and the love and wisdom from them and friends that God has put in our lives has been overwhelming. So with that decision made, we jumped head first into the holidays!! We hope and trust that you had wonderful holidays and that this new year will be full of Gods blessings. Our holidays were wonderful, and now.................Rob and I find ourselves back in IN for more training with Global Partners!!! What a whirl wind.
So.........that brings us up to date a bit, Rob and I with boys in tow left NH on sat and drove to Grand Rapids MI (17 hours!!). The reason we pushed to go there first was that God gave us an amazing opportunity! Brett Jones is the Pastor of the church that we are serving in NZ. He and his family were in the Grand Rapids area for the holidays! Rob and I were able to spend the day with all of them, have our families get to know each other a bit and then share in being part of a church service to share what God is doing in NZ!! Wow, what an amazing day. It was such a thrill for me to get to know them, and have our kids meet. Being a part of the church service was a blessing and I think just made this whole journey very much a reality for this little Reynolds family. From there we drove till 2am this morning to arrive in IN. We are in a beautiful house called Shunem House. It is a lovely bed and breakfast type house that is just for missionaries. There are 11 of us going through training and we all live, eat and train at this house. It is just amazing!! Our children are with us and have been accommodated for and taken care of. Caleb is just thriving in this environment, he just loves being with all these people and being a part of what is going on. We have had a very full and exhausting day. The travel caught up to us plus a hard push day. Orientation in NOV focused on policies and fund raising, this training is called Missionary Training Institute (MTI), we will be hearing from many different presenters and trainers through out the week. Today was laying some foundations of why do we believe what we believe, and also sessions on spiritual warfare, and preparing our hearts and minds. There is a full apt as part of this house and they gave that to Rob and I and the boys, it has been a blessing to have room for them to run and play and for us to have a quiet respite tonight. So with that, we are off to rest. Pray that we feel refreshed tomorrow and alert to accept all the information that will be poured in. Pray for us as we need to finalize a short presentation that we will be doing on Wed as part of the chapel time at Head Quarters. Rob and I just want to be real and authentic in our testimony as we share our NZ story. Feel free to leave comments for us, we would love to hear from you. We will update more specifics tomorrow. Blessings, Good night.